All client comments and testimonials are from actual clients. Some spells do not have listed comments since I’d rather give a cross-section on different services I offer.

BREAK-UP & RETURN SPELL (custom spell)

“I had a real complex situation with a guy I was in love with for over ten years. We were both married at the time but then I got divorced and he was still married. I came to Morrigane because it was taking him so long to finally leave his wife. It was two years or so since my divorce and he was still married. Morrigane said this spell can take shape many different ways but what happened was it lit a fire under him and then within three months we were talking about our life together again when we had not talked like that in so long. He filed for divorce almost five months to the day after the spell and we have been together now int he same house for 9 months. It was a slight investment in comparison to what I went thru before. Thanks to Morrigane I have my life and the man I love!” – Rochelle Kerry

“All I can say is do not ever give up hope that things will work out for you when you love someone. I was at that point with my boyfriend of many years. He was in a difficult marriage and very unhappy. We talked for a long time about him leaving his wife but they had three kids and it was a tough thing for him to do. I’d basically given up and came to Morrigane and told her this was the last time I would try anything. I’d waited over a dozen years for him and I didn’t want to wait anymore. His children were pretty grown by now and he was still miserable in his marriage and now it was making our lives worse. I can’t imagine his wife was happy either. So we did this spell and it changed everything. They got divorced within three months. We got married six months later. His wife is now remarried. This spell put everything into motion. I am the happiest I have been in so long, thank you Morrigane for all your support and care.” – Givelt Solokoff


“Never in my life have I experienced anything quite like the work we did together on this, Morrigane. It was intense, spiritual and even slightly anxious for me but to complete it and then see it come true was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. It wasn’t easy but wow was it worth it!” – Linda Cosmoro

“This spell changed everything for me. I am sure you get that alot. I always believed it would work because the other spells that you did for me were so brilliant I had no doubts. But when it actually happened and the way it did – I just never believed I could have such happiness. I owe you an incredible debt. Thank you for being my friend, confidante and most honest witch. I love you, love you, love you, Morrigane!” – Roberto Gianni Timpanelli

“I didn’t get the results I hoped for with this spell – they were BETTER than I could have ever hoped for! I put my heart into my end of the spell and really focused and concentrated. The next thing I knew, less than a month had gone by and I wasn’t even thinking of him. He called me, we saw each other and then in a whirlwind we went away for a vacation together and he proposed! I was totally caught off guard (of course I said yes) but now I want to make sure that everything stay so positive – can you help with this? What am I saying? Of course you can!” – Amy Beauvais


“Since my husband and I were split from each other for three years, I never thought anything would work. I tried to be positive about this spell because I knew it was white magick and because of that there would be no negative things that happened, so what did I have to lose? Well actually I had everything to GAIN! My husband has been home now for over a month and he is home for good! The kids are so happy and we are having a renewal of our vows on our anniversary in July. I cannot thank you and the Archangels enough for helping him to find his way back to us. You are the real angel here Morrigane! God bless!” – Tina Hollister


“I went to other spellcasters and got zonked for about a thousand bucks before I found you, Morrigane and Man oh man do I wish I had come here first. I am writing to you to tell you that since you cast that angel love spell my girlfriend (yes that’s right, now she is my grilfriend!) and I could not be happier. You are it for me, Miss Morrigane and I look forward to getting your marriage spell!” – Jeremy Theopolis


“Dear Morrigane The “Secret of My Success” spell has been working wonders & so well for me! I am completely focused on my success …. I want to thank you so so much , I love you for helping me ! Thank you!” – from Jimmy Brannagin

“This was on the best purchases I ever made, Morrigane! You know I have purchased a bunch of other spells for different things over the years from you, but this spell has changed my business a bout a 1000 percent! I own my own restaurant and as you know this can be a really tough business but since I’ve had this spell; it’s like everything has just been going my way. I’ve gotten rave reviews for the restaurant and the it is packed every night. I also followed up on some of your suggestions and I thank you so much for the info on the Feng Shui. You are my witch for all time!” – Jesse Solomon


“I knew that when I was lucky enough to get one of your spots this past month for the counseling session that it would truly be a unique experience but honestly it was like talking with you about everything that was going on suddenly made me realize how REAL it all was. Everything that I did for the spell to complete it plus everything else that has happened since the spell was cast: this has been completely life-changing for me and I just wanted to say thank you. I look forward to our next session and please don’t stop offering this! I need it!” – Julie Stanovich

“Thank you Morrigane for taking me on in your counseling. It has helped me so much and I really enjoyed speaking with you. I think our plan of action is exactly what I have needed for a real long time. Thanks again and I hope you add more time slots!” – Sarah Millan


“I just wanted to drop you this Thank You note. I am very grateful that I found you and I truly believe that everything will work out. I have some confirmation that things are already working. Thank you for being honest, straight-forward, caring and sensitive toward me and my case. Your kind deeds have not gone unnoticed.” – Terena Bickerly

“This was FAST! Three weeks after I finished my part, I got a call from him and he told me that he was done with her and wanted to see me. I almost dropped the phone. I played it cool though and set up a date for several days later. So we’ve been seeing each other again now for a month and it is better than it ever was before. I followed your instructions to the letter and never thought about it after it was done which is why I was so surprised when he called. I never would have thought it was possible after everything that happened between us. You convinced me. Now I gotta make sure I can keep him!” – Darian Reading


“I feel I must share my experience that I have had with your spells. Your spells really affected me in a most unique way. I want to thank you so much for your spells. They truly do work! I am feeling much better about myself. I know it is your spell work. I just cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!” – Tommy Garabandi

“This spell is a mind-blower. I could not believe how different I felt the very next day after writing my petition to Chida. If you could have seen how I agonized over what to write! But then after your email helped me to put into words everything that I was looking for – it was just so fast. I felt like a new woman. I am a new woman! Wow.” – Leslie Bingham

“I used the REALITY SHIFT to help me get a new job, as you know. Everything seemed to be going really fast after the first interview but then I guess I doubted the process. Fortunately the shift had already taken place and even though it took four weeks for them to offer me the job – they did! But you know what – I am convinced I had the job right at the interview – the shift worked beautifully, it was just me who was so scared to see something like this actually work!” – Denise Hajuzak

“I did as you suggested and included my ex-girlfriend in my petition to shift her reality to be part of mine. I thought – yeah, sure. So imagine my shock when three days later she called me just to tell me she was thinking of me. Can I keep this spell going for the rest of my life? I am completely serious.” – James Leon

“First off, I would like to thank you for everything. Thank you for providing the services you do and for being there for me. I really thank God that we’ve met and that you came into my life. Madam Morrigane, I love your honesty and your committment to your clients.You know what’s really special about you? You give back people the opportunity to hope again. For those that despair, for those that weep, you give them hope back. And it is hope and the thought of hope that makes life so much easier in the harder times.” – Gregory Chung


“Morrigane, I definitely felt energies as the candle was burning, during my part of the Beacon of Love spell. After doing the incantation, I sat in front of the candle in the darkness while it was burning and focused all my loving intent and feelings toward him for at least 5-10 minutes each evening. It was during this time that I could feel warmth and energy. I have never been in touch with these energies before and it felt wonderful; like an emotional high. My mental attitude has improved greatly, and I am so much more focused on maintaining the positive. I know that things will come together when the time is right. He called me yesterday and we had a really nice conversation. Thanks so much!” –
From Kara Davies

“I have never experienced anything like this spell. My boyfriend and I are in love but there has been some difficulties with his parents since I am his first serious boyfriend. Since doing this spell it is like they have had an about face. His mother even said – Jason is such a GOOD MAN! Can you imagine? I almost started to cry. You don’t know what this meant to me – she never even called me by my first name before! This has made such a difference in our relationship that we are moving in together. Morrigane, you have changed our lives with this spell. For all of us. Thank you a million times over!” – Jason Glenning

“You just cast this spell for me Morrigane and in the 7 days that I worked on it too, I was stunned to have a dream about my long-gone boyfriend returning to me and then within several days after the dream, he actually called! Now this is what I call magick!” – Pam Leandris

“I immediately felt the power and energy of this spell. During the 7 days, I felt electrified every time I lit my candle and spoke the incantation. I used this spell to help me with some problems I was having with my boyfriend and now only 3 days after the end of the spell we are talking about moving in together and making long-term plans. Morrigane, I thought this relationship was doomed and you have helped me rescue it and even better put it back on track! Bless you!” – Karen Guerny

“I had alot of other spells cast and well to be honest Morrigane, your spell was the only one that I have seen some results from so I will definately trust you on these things….” – Arthur King

“Too many fakes have taken my money but once I came to you it was like all that went away. I realized immediately in doing the BEACON spell that you were the witch I had been searching for. It was barely four days past the end of the spell and I got an email from him and then we talked on the phone for the first time in three months. You won’t believe this (actually I guess you will since you made it happen) but we are going to see each other for the first time in over a year! Thank you so much for opening this door for me! – Enid Callahan


“You performed a Love Retrieval spell for me in October 2006. Please don’t be offended by this but….I cant believe it, it seems to be working! I know you said it would work but I must admit I had a few doubts at first. I believe in magic, I’m just so surprised that my lover seems to have come back to normal; I honestly didn’t think it would be possible. Thank you so much Amita, next I’m getting your Magnetic Attraction spell!” – Jessica Foster

“Please understand Morrigane, that what I’ve gone through has been unbelievable. When I purchased your Love Retrieval; I was literally about to give up. I thought she was gone for good and I was beyond heartbroken. I thought, that’s it, my life as I knew it is over. And now only 1 month after you cast this spell for me – she is HOME! I don’t know what you did or what happened but we are together and planning our future – marriage, children a new home – everything. Bless you Morrigane, bless you!” – Mike Greenberg

“I’ve spent a small fortune on spells – many of them three times as much or more than your spells. I was to the point that I thought, this is it – one more spell. And then I give up. I read your blog and thought – hey this lady seems like the real thing. You directed me to the Love Retrieval and I just put all my faith in you and followed your directions to the letter. I know you probably won’t be able to make it but J and I are having a Christmas wedding. All because of you and your blog and you being honest and real and you saved us; you saved our family.” – Aileen Kennedy


“You know I buy alot of spells from you Morrigane and they have all had excellent results – but this one freaked me out! In a good way! No sooner had I tucked the envelope under my keyboard and I got the biggest sale of my career. I am almost too blown away to handle it. I am enclosing what i am calling a WITCH BONUS to thank you. You are my girl!” Ron Chouac

“Immediately when I received my results I felt the power in that gorgeous envelope. I followed the instructions and not a week later our house that we had on the market for almost a year sold for almost $50,000 more than we were hoping! I am a believer! And thanks so much, Morrigane!” – Sarita Norenz

“This is not the kind of thing I usually do but since I had never come across a Chinese spell before and I am half Chinese, I thought – why not? It was incredible, it is literally a money magnet. Not only does it bring prosperity (I got a raise 2 weeks after you sent the results, totally out of the blue) but I have been managing my finances better, too. I don’t know what the Ancient Chinese spell is but I can tell you that it WORKS!” – Danny Chen

“Morrigane! Oh my Goddess (as you would say), this spell is changing my life – I am now out of debt and experiencing the most amazing good fortune with money I have ever had in my life. Is there an Ancient Chinese Love Spell? I want that too!” – Sally Poleski


“My dearest Morrigane, I love you, the attraction spell is working. I cant believe this! I want to work with you again, I want to cast another spell on him for him to let go of this girl who took him from me. Please tell me what info you need and lets do this!” – From Dina Mausala

“This spell not only works on your love-life but I have seen things materialize in my career that I cannot believe and in only three months since the spell was cast! I am looking forward to a prosperous New Year in a sales position that I thought was tapped out for me.” From David Pendris

“Morrigane, I am writing to you to tell you that the Magnetic Attraction spell has changed my life. Even though its only been a month since you cast it for me, I felt the power of it immediately when I got the spell results. It just radiated! I was so excited, I put it in a special place and did just as you said, I forgot about it – but then, everything was already different for me. I ended up with the guy I wrote you about and we are going to get MARRIED! If you knew how many people I had gone to before you, you wouldn’t even believe it. Thank you a million times over!” – From Bela Singh

“I balked at the idea of spending $250 for a spell until I realized that this was an investment in my future. And Morrigane, I must tell you it has paid off in spades! Not only have I enjoyed an incredible time of good fortune, but my boyfriend just proposed to me and we had been engaged for 3 years! You are the best!” – From Callie Eillion

“I have used many of your spells in the best to great result so when I saw this new spell I decided – hey why not! The effects were felt almost immediately! I hadn’t dated in about six months and now I have dates through the holidays into 2006. You were right it is totally magic!” – From Andrew Whitcome

“I had pretty much given up on spells and love before I found Dragonspell’s. This was my last ditch effort and I am so HAPPY that I took a chance. My ex-husband, who had not spoken to me in 2 years just recently called and we met and are considering getting back together. This is my dream come true, Morrigane! Bless you! – From Jennifer Pallaci

“I’ve dealt with too many phonies over the years that I become very jaded regarding magic and spells. Morrigane, you helped me through some really tough times and leading me to this spell was the best thing you could have done for me. I honestly didn’t see my future ever changing or that I would ever have love in my life again, especially after my divorce and breaking up with a man I thought was perfect for me. WIth this spell a whole new world opened up for me. I’m now with someone that truly loves me and is good for me and I never would have met him had it not been for the magnetic attraction spell. You saved a life, Morrigane! – From Mary Susanne Stenberger

“Morrigane, what is in this spell? All I can tell you is, just handling the envelope got me all tingly. I put it away as per the instructions and within two weeks; literally everything in my life has changed. I got the apartment I was trying to get (and thought I never would), I got a raise and I am now dating a great guy that I met in my new apartment building! Will I get this spell again? Oh, yeah, you bet!” -From Nina Vogel

“I’ve used Magnetic Attraction now about a half a dozen times over the past year and this spell more than anything in my life has contributed to a kind of success I had only dreamt of. My business is booming (I work as a contractor), my relationship with my employess and vendors has never been better and my marriage which had lost its spark about three years ago is now better than ever. I plan on continuing with this spell and thank you so much Morrigane for the work you do.” – From Frank Christos

“I cannot thank you enough for your help in casting Magnetic Attraction. I tried for a long time with other spellcasters to get the things I wanted (a relationship and new job) and Magnetic Attraction is the ONLY spell I ever purchased that worked for me. Obviously, Amita you are the REAL DEAL!”
– From Stacey Burns


“Sign me up for a monthly spell on this one. Not only did I meet my goal but I exceeded it by several thousand dollars. I have never been so focused in my life. You are the – Mistress!” – Terry Barster

“I’ve been getting this spell every month for a year and I wanted to say that this has been the only spell I ever had cast and it has worked EVERY SINGLE MONTH! My business (online web design) has taken off incredibly and I know it is this spell that makes it happen. Sign me your customer for life!” – Jake Turnall

“The mystic mars worked and worked beautifully! I would love to try the Chinese Prosperity Spell to work on the other areas of prosperity in my life – but honestly I think I will just get this spell again and again too!” – Jenny Bernard


“Morrigane, I want to start off by saying I will never doubt what you do again. I was shocked to hear (my love interest) give me the exact names as you gave me. I am sooooo happy and I believe your reading. This is just unbelievable. I take to heart the rest of your reading. Thanks again Amita. I never expected this. You have more than proven to me you are real.” – Brad Metzger

“I was stunned when I got the results from the psychic trance spell. It was like you knew me – I mean really knew me in a way I have never even discussed with anyone on the planet! Thank you so much for the reading, it really was something. I think you are 100 percent right on about everything too!” – Lin Shue Long