Break Them Up Spell

Black Magick spells take anywhere from 1-120 days to manifest results.

This is the spell to use when you have reached that place in yourself where you no longer can stand to see THEM together. You probably have a VERY GOOD reason to want to see them crash & burn (relationship-wise) and if you do (meaning you are the jilted party) then by all means USE THIS SPELL! I will cast the spell for you then you simply follow the easy instructions (which adds your energy) once I send them. The spell takes three days for me to complete.


Voodoo Eliminate A Rival Spell

Is there someone who is impeding your relationship with your desired mate? Is there someone trying to get something you have – your money, your job, your lover or someone trying to worm their way into the lives of those you care about, that you don’t trust and would like to send them packing? This Voodoo spell is for you! This spell uses specific proven Voodoo gray magick to help remove this person from any sphere of influence. It is beyond a binding spell and similar to a banishing, but calls on the power of Vooodoo Lwa’s (Gods) to get this particular person on their way. There is always a risk with Voodoo spells so use only if you are absolutely sure there is NO OTHER WAY TO GET RID OF THIS PERSON! The person will NOT be harmed. But they WILL BE ELIMINATED!