Yes or No Tarot Reading

As long as your question is framed the right way – you will get the answer that is right for you and the guidance you seek surrounding that answer. It’s also priced SUPER WELL at only $25!

To be fair there are actually several possible answers, Yes, No, Maybe, Maybe No and Maybe Yes.


Psychic Trance Spell

This is BETTER than just an ordinary psychic reading for while in my trance I will communicate with my spirit guides who will deliver the answers to your questions and help guide you in the right direction. Gain unprecedented insight to many of your issues and find the right things you need to know. If you have wondered about a person, a relationship, a job, the future – anything – this spell will help you to find answers to those questions.

After you purchase the spell, you must fill out a form that I will send you. Once I have that form returned to me, completed (it is not very complex), then I will conduct your spell. I ask for 24-48 hours following the receipt of the form you have returned to me by email.