Do you guarantee your spells?

Here is my guarantee:

I guarantee that I will cast your spell and any follow-up spells that you choose or that I deem necessary using all my abilities as a witch from my 30 years of spellcasting experience.

I guarantee that I will satisfy the parameters of the spell and offer counsel and communication throughout the process.

I guarantee that your communication with me is private and that all work is handled directly by me and only me.

I guarantee that I will recast your spell once if your results are not satisfactory or will cast a different spell if I deem this appropriate to your situation.*(this re-casting only extends to spells over $250).

I cannot offer a guarantee that you will get the exact specific results you desire since a spell cannot be guaranteed in the same way that a small appliance can be or if a mechanic works on your car. That is an insult to magick and assumes that spells are not about energy and metaphysics but rather empirical science in order to have the same exact results given a specific criterion.

Every person is different and every situation is unique therefore every spell cast becomes unique for the individual and the situation.

It is best to think of a witch like a Doctor or a Priest in that you pay for the spell being cast like you pay for the Doctor’s expertise in healing/medicine to cure you and the Priest for their connection to spirituality in order to deliver prayers for you. You would not ask a Doctor to guarantee a cure since they are not a God. Nor would you ask a Priest to guarantee a prayer be answered since they do not have control over such things.

What is the success rate of your spells?

The success rate varies with all spells because each situation is different.  There is simply no way to track such things as magick because every situation and spell has individual obstacles and indications that are unique. Magick is highly personal and individual.

Think of it this way – how would you feel if you went to a Priest and he told you that he had saved 97 percent of the souls who came to him? It would make you feel kinda icky – right? Like how could he possibly know? And what – is he the McDonald’s of God? Over 450 billion souls saved?

I can tell you for instance that certain spells (MAGNETIC ATTRACTION ) have an enormous success rate because they do not have anything to do with the free will of another person, but work entirely on the client. There are also ways for you to help the success of the spell cast for you:

1. Do not LIE to the Witch. If you omit something or if you lie to me about your situation, the spell will not take hold. You cannot for instance trick me into doing magick that will harm another person.

2. Follow the spell instructions (if any) that are sent with your spell results (if any). Spell instructions are not suggestions but part of the spell, so make sure you do them. If for some reason you cannot, contact me and I will help you to finish the spell.

3. Be focused. This does not mean to obsess over your spell, but to make sure that your focused WILL & INTENTION are dedicated to manifesting your desires. The most focused individuals ALWAYS have incredible success with spellwork.

Do your spells work?

Yes, my spells work. I wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t. I’ve been online now for 14 years and doing spells for over 30 years. You do not have to worry about your spellwork. I do everything within my power and I am there for you as much as humanly possible. I work alone (unless a spell indicates otherwise) and you communicate directly with me, the witch, you are never pawned off to an apprentice. When you work with me you have my guarantee that I will personally be the one casting your spell and that this spell is from my extensive Book of Shadows library that I have added a volume a year to for over 25 years.

How long before I see results from the spell you cast for me?

It is very difficult for me to answer this precisely because there are many contributing factors to a spell manifesting. I cannot possibly know all the potential obstacles so I always give a ballpark estimate on the time -frame which is usually several days to several months. It can be longer though, there are some complicated spells or series of spells I cast which can take up to six months to fully manifest. This is just the way of the natural world – all energy takes time to coalesce and transform. If you are looking for instant results you should go elsewhere – there are many sites of questionable integrity  that promise you the sun, moon and stars immediately. What you get however is a cold shock of reality when you realize that magick takes time – anything worth having does. You will end up having wasted your money, time and energy on something that is simply not possible. There is NO INSTANT MAGICK!

If you have questions, consult with me and I will be forthright and honest about your situation. You must always be willing to let the spell work its magick and that is according to the will of the Goddess and not your own desires.


Can you tell me how my spell is going?

No, I cannot. First of all I am not a psychic, I am a witch. Once I cast your spell my part is complete. You will know long before I ever would how your spell has manifested. I do not have a crystal ball that I look into and tell you about the spells manifestation and secret intricacies of your life and those around you. That is not what a witch does. Be careful with anyone who claims to be a witch and has psychic abilities or even more a psychic who claims to cast spells. PSYCHICS DO NOT CAST SPELLS. Only witches cast spells. There are many different kinds of witches who may call themselves something other than witch (like a voodoo priest or priestess for instance, sometimes called a voudon) but psychics do not cast spells. There are charlatans out there who will play you and tell you what you want to hear, even some who claim to be witches who will tell you what they “see” in regards to the spell they cast for you. This is not true. Once a spell is cast a real witch lets that spell go. That is part of the spellcasting process. There is simply no reason to “check back” with a spell. Spells work on their own once they are cast. If a spell is not manifesting according to your desires there may be a reason such as a specific obstacle, a complication, something new that has changed or as simple as you have not given the spell time to work its magick.

Do you have any credentials?

I am an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church as well as holding a Doctorate in Metaphysics. I also have a traditional degree, a BA in English and Theatre. I attended the University of Akron and Yale University. I am a Third-Degree Wiccan High Priestess in the Gardnerian Tradition, but now practice as an eclectic solitary.

Are you Wiccan?

My faith is Buddhist. I am  a Third-Degree Wiccan High Priestess, though I no longer practice Wicca as a religion.

I read about you on a forum and I wanted to know if you have anything to do with the people who own and run the forum?

I have NOTHING to do with any forums or other witchcraft websites. My trademarks are registered to me. My domain names are registered to me and can be easily searched through whois.net. I do not work with other online witches/spellcasters – EVER.

There are charlatans who run spell websites and forums to help increase their business.

I highly suggest that you take everything posted in a public forum (good or bad) with a grain of salt since these forums are anonymous. Besides which all of my REAL clients know that they are not to discuss their spells or the workings that they are involved in; without causing damage to their spell. Secrecy and silence is part of every spell I cast.

Furthermore, I NEVER charge more than the posted prices on my site. I do not up-sell spells; you come to me and ask for an opinion and I offer advice. Once a spell is cast I do not ask you for additional funds the way con-artists and shysters do.

Also if you read anything in a public forum from someone claiming they have done business with me, make sure there is verifiable proof – such as a paypal receipt since the ONLY WAY I do business is through Paypal, Western Union and Moneygram and they all have receipts. If they are not willing to prove that they have worked with me, then how can you believe anything they say? (I mean this for both positive and negative comments, make sure you get the proof, that’s one way you can root out the phony forums run by con-artists!)

If you have a question about anything the best thing to do is to ASK!

I read comments about you on a website that said you are really a man and that this is a scam!

Unfortunately the internet has become a repository for people who can anonymously libel others with no recourse. See the answer above concerning verifiable proof, which anyone who has worked with me legitimately will have.

My regular clients help to keep me up to date on some of the ridiculous comments posted about me. If you ever have any question about who I am please visit my about me page.


Can you make me taller, have bigger breasts, change my eye color, make me a vampire or werewolf or turn me into a woman?

This  is important to deal with up front. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! If you find a spellcaster who offers such spells you will KNOW IMMEDIATELY that they are a CHARLATAN and CON-ARTIST! It is NOT possible to make you taller, to change your body, to change your hair color or eye color or give you a sex (gender) change through a spell.  Lately I’ve been getting lots of requests to turn people into vampires and werewolves. Come on people (even young folks out there) please know the difference between fantasy and reality. Anyone offering such spells is just taking your money and laughing at you for being so naive. I know many people have seen witches/spellcasters do such things in movies but that is Hollywood magick – not REAL magick. Real magick always works within the LAWS OF NATURE. If it cannot happen in nature it cannot happen in a spell.

I do have answers for you on a variety of these situations:

Change your hair color – buy some hair dye.
Change your eye color – colored contacts.
Change your body parts – push up bras or a boob job.
Make your hair shiny – use a cold water rinse with vinegar.
Grow taller – wear lifts or boots with a two inch heel.
Change you from a man into a woman – get counseling for Gender Dysphoria and save up for a sex change operation.
Change into a werewolf or vampire – STOP READING TWILIGHT BOOKS! They are not REAL!

Can you make someone fall in love with me?

I cannot alter the free will of an individual. That said, there are many ways to encourage love that have nothing to do with free will and those, you’d better believe – I do employ to get your love to you! What does work in a love spell is building your confidence and focusing your intent and desire toward a potential partner you have in mind, or someone you have yet to meet. These love spells are particularly powerful if your intent is pure. You must consider why it is important to have love in your life or the specific person that you desire. Above all else have compassion for yourself, it goes a long way in aiding a love spell.

There are black magick spells that use coercion and manipulation and you are certainly welcome to take advantage of those once you know the risks involved.

Can you make my boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband/wife come back to me?

I can use magick that will not interfere with their free will and I’ve had fantastic success in doing so over the years. It’s still a much better chance with spellwork, than with just sitting there HOPING they will return!

I went to one site where the soulmate spell was over $1500! Why is yours so much less?

You must consider the old adage, Let the Buyer Beware. Just because a spell costs five times more on one site than another does not mean the more expensive spell is better or more involved or ten times more guaranteed to work! Talk to your Spell Caster through email  to determine if you feel that you can trust them and feel comfortable with the fee they are charging. There are certain spells that require more time and effort (some even a number of days) and obviously those would be priced accordingly. Be careful too in ordering spells from places like Ebay where oftentimes spell casters have not been around very long. You will find places on the web that charge very little for their spells and in that case remember that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. It is unlikely that someone charging only $20-$30 for a spell is going to put the time, effort and energy into that spell to help you find your soulmate, for instance.

I will give you several important tips before you decide on a spellcaster:

*Legitimate spellcasters NEVER offer money-back guarantees! It is impossible to offer a guarantee on a spell. It would be like a Doctor offering you a guarantee that she will heal you or a Priest that God will answer your prayers! Magick is not a commodity – it is spiritual!

*It bears repeating: PSYCHICS DO NOT CAST SPELLS!

*Look for full-disclosure: is the site updated often, do they have a regularly updated blog,  look for actual photos of the witch, see if there is information that leads you directly to who they are in “real” life.

What happens if I lie to you?

That’s easy – the spell won’t work. You must be implicitly honest with me if you are going to have me do any spell-casting for you or create a custom spell or have a tarot or rune reading done. If you think that by not being honest with me you can somehow trick me into doing your bidding, you are completely wrong.  If your intent is not pure and true, then the spell will fail. Not only will it fail but there is a very strong chance that the spell could act in reverse! Magick is not something to be trifled with, remember the Universe ALWAYS knows the ENTIRE truth about everything concerning you!

Can you help me cheat on my husband/wife/lover?

That is up to you dearest and it is your karma to deal with; I have spells for situations like this but you will need to complete them on your end as I will not take on that kind of negative karma.

Can you do a protection spell for my friend who is being abused by her (husband/lover/father)etc.?

You must take immediate action and call 911. The Police are there to help people who are being abused and violently attacked.

Will you curse someone for me?

I do not cast malevolent spells or curses. However I can put something together that you can use to curse away to your heart’s content. But that is up to you to conduct.  Be careful! Every spell cast comes with karma and consequences.

Can you make me rich?

It depends upon who you are and what your circumstances are. For instance if you have a great job where you are doing well and I cast a prosperity spell for you and your focus & intent is on making money, the spell will work beautifully. However if you are a layabout on the couch waiting for someone to bring you riches on a silver platter it is highly unlikely that ANY spell will work for you in this situation. You might try a motivation spell or a career spell instead. I can definitely help you become more prosperous if you are willing to put your energy and will into it!

Can you teach me to be a witch?

I don’t have time to teach anyone to be a witch.

Can you send me a bunch of spells?

I will not send spells to you. They would be of no use unless you were a witch and if you are a witch you would have your own spells.

What happens if I don’t follow the instructions you send after you cast a spell for me?

I cannot stress this enough: if you don’t follow the instructions implicitly the spell will not take hold. YOU are the source ultimately where the spell must take root, in your focus & your will. If you choose to not follow the instructions to finish a spell on your end (every spell cast requires that the client complete it in some fashion) the spell will fail. You must be a part of the process, otherwise it won’t work. Now don’t worry, spells usually only ask for minor things like at the end of a spell, casting ritually charged herbs to the wind or throwing something in a moving body of water. They are simple, easy to follow instructions that ask very little of the castee. There are a couple of spells that require slightly more involvement in the follow-up process but they are well worth the trouble.

Why did you change your name?

I changed my name to reflect where I am in my life as a witch. I am happy to be devoted to The Morrigan and have taken her name Morrigane (mohr-ih-GAIN) as my own. My non-witch name is still the same but I do not use it in my venue as a witch. I went through many changes and Morrigane reflects my warrior woman spirit.

How do I know you are the right witch for me?

You’ve got to feel a connection with whomever you are going to have do spell-work for you. If you do your homework you will find a handful of skilled practitioners who have offerings at a variety of prices who are excellent at what they do. It may not even be me and you know what – as long as you are getting the help you need, I am happy!