Customer Service

I want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make at Mystic Spells; however I must instruct you implicitly that although I am a seasoned witch, I am not a miracle worker. I do not offer guarantees on results. It is not possible given the nature of magick.

A few words of caution:   I cannot heal you from serious illness or protect you if someone is stalking you or has previously caused you any kind of physical harm. If something like this has happened you must contact the proper authorities, as well as if you need a Doctor, please see one! I am not saying this to shatter your hopes & dreams, I just want you to be realistic in your desire & intent.

As for how I will work with you, please read the following:

Once you are my client you will have access to me through email and texting and you can communicate with me freely, though please understand that I do have other clients, as well as a personal life. I do like to take a day off (usually Saturday), so if days pass between you hearing from me, do not panic!

Times I am not available for texting are between 11 pm and 7 am. I am always available through email.

I will not contact you to tell you when your spell has been cast, you must keep up with me if you so chose. I have too many clients to email updates. In fact once I cast your spell there is nothing for me to report to you but I like to be available in case you need guidance or have questions.

I ask that you not inundate me with text messages and emails. Please do not abuse my accessibility. If I get more than one email from you per day that is excessive. Imagine if everyone did that – I’d never get to cast a spell!

Likewise constant texters – I get hundreds of texts per day, so please limit your texting and make it quick and only if you have a legitimate concern or questions.

You will NEVER deal with anyone but me regarding your spell, from start to finish. Because of this I need your understanding that since I am only one person, it will take time for results to be emailed to you, usually several days. If you have not gotten instructions, just email me and i will get them right out to you.

Once your spell is cast I do not offer refunds. Remember you pay me not for results but for work I do in the spell itself. I have a no refunds policy on spells that have been cast.

I am always unavailable on Sabbats, which are witch holidays, as well as on standard American holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.).

I don’t provide phone support. Multi-part inquiries will be closed out after a reasonable number of messages and emails are exchanged if you have not purchased a spell.

After your spell is cast and your instructions have been sent I will not have further communication regarding the work that has been done for you.You are encouraged to maintain contact with me if you choose or if you have further questions. I truly appreciate it when my clients stay in contact. My best clients have been with me for a decade or longer and stay in contact with me regularly. I enjoy this part of my work especially.

It is important always to give your spell TIME to work! Even if you are an established client please respect that I am only just one single solitary witch and am happy to give you everything I can but I do need to recharge occasionally. Bright blessings to you all!

Disclaimer: You must be over 18 years of age to place an order. Results vary. Spells are cast for religious purposes only. Witchcraft is an art and craft and part of earth-based pagan belief systems.