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Banish Bad Things Spell






















This new spell takes whatever bad is happening in your life and turns it around. It puts the kibosh on people bothering you, boyfriends and husbands (or girlfriends and wives) acting like jerks to you, family members troubling you, issues with courts, the law, anything that is difficult that you need to positively get rid off!

It is a banishing spell so be certain you want to get the bad stuff out of your life. This works on one specific issue but you can stack the spell for multiple issues and get even stronger and more powerful results. For this reason the spell is at a special introductory price of $150.

It only costs an additional $50 to add a situation or person to the banishing so you can add-on to your hearts content and banish all the bad things in your life in one fell swoop!


 To banish one situation or person – $150.00 


 Add-on person or situation to original banish spell – $50.00 

















This is a fast-acting spell intended to completely change your mind. Obviously you have to WANT to do this and ultimately it is up to you as to how successful the spell will be ultimately. But if you are truly looking to change aspects of your life – this spell can accomplish it perfectly.

You will be surprised what this spell can do for you – use it to change your mind about a relationship (get over a past love or bad break-up), use it to change your mind about any situations that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in any way. This spell is like a do-over, a clean slate. There are many ways you can use this spell to completely change your life.

All you need to do is tell me the absolute one thing that you need to change about yourself, your life, your career, your relationships etc. it must be YOU that needs the change – you cannot use this spell to change someone else’s mind. this spell only works directly on you. You will need to be open to what the spell will do to you as far as changing your mind and you must be completely willing to follow the directions that are part of the spell (they are not complicated but you must do them as instructed for the spell to manifest).

This is a much more intensive spell than my Reality Shift Spell, since this is specific and made to change something drastically – your life!



Las Vegas Luck Spell


This is the ultimate GAMBLING spell for gambling and games of chance (like scratch & win lotteries, bingo, poker, all kinds of things). If you want magick on your side this is the spell for you whether you go to Vegas, Atlantic City or Monaco!

You will choose what games/gambling you want the spell to focus on then I will send you a sigl that you carry with you for whatever games you play. This spell focus your luck energy and helps winnings to come to you. It’s also at a great price so take advantage!



Rags to Riches Spell


This is a money spell for RAGS TO RICHES! If you are looking for money to find its way to you, an inheritance, a raise, anything having to do with extra cash flow, this spell will start your bank balance to rise!

You can choose three areas of your life to focus this intensely positive money spell – you tell me where you need the help and I will target the spell to your specific needs. This is essentially a custom spell but for this month only it’s at a special SALE PRICE!



Open Path to Love Spell


Use this spell to get the most complicated relationships under control. There are many ways you can use this spell to stop destructive behaviors in a relationship and foster good and positive feelings of love. This spell makes things change when you thought all hope was lost for your love relationship.

This is one of my most popular and successful custom spells. It is rare for me to add a custom spell to the site. It must meet many requirements to be considered successful and pertinent enough to offer to the public. It must address many common needs that a large number of clients have come to me with. I have probably cast the Open Path to Love Spell more than any of my custom spells in the last few years so I know this is the right spell for the following concerns:

  • for LOVE TRIANGLES (you, him, his wife (or girlfriend))
  • for INFIDELITY (he cheats and you want him to stop)
  • for A CLEAN SLATE (you are back together and need smooth sailing)
  • for RECONCILIATION (you want to get back together)
  • for what you might say IT’S COMPLICATED  (tell me, I can help!)

You need to tell me what your situation is to see if this VOODOO SPELL is right for you. I have focused on female concerns but this spell works for everyone, men and their women and also lesbians and gays too. This is an intense spell and allows some customization to address your specific concerns. It is not as dire or potentially karmically dangerous as black magick, so it is an excellent solution if you don’t want to deal with dark magick on your conscience.



Precipitate Action Spell

PRECIPITATE is an action spell – use this to influence someone, use it to solve issues that you are having dealing with people, dealing with family, a lover or partner. There are numbers of ways this spell can be used. You will create a petition that will be used in your end of the spell that spells out your most important desires and goals and PRECIPITATE will make them reality. This is a new Hoodoo Spell that I cast completely on my end and send a sigil used in the spell to you once it is complete. Discuss with me through email what you think your needs for this spell are. It is one of the most flexible spells I offer and can used for issues of love, money, sex, career/job, judicial issues, divorce, marriage etc. Email me!




Making Mojo Spell

This is a new spell, voodoo for PASSION & DESIRE to come to fruition. If you want to spark sexy good times with someone you like – this is the spell. It will get your mojo goin’ with whomever it is that you desire. The spell (like Magnetic Attraction) is cast on you and increases your mojo toward the one you desire. It’s an intense spell and unlike Magnetic Attraction (which can also be used for other things besides love) this is ONLY FOR LOVE, PASSION & SEXUAL DESIRE! This spell will get him/her to notice you, want you, desire love, fall for you in exactly the way you want.

This is a super high-energy spell and works for everyone – guy/girl,  guy/guy,  girl/girl. Make your MOJO happen!




Financial Windfall Spell

The great thing about the spell is that you can choose how you want it to manifest in your life by picking up to FIVE POINTS of prosperity, abundance, even career goals that the spell will focus upon. Here’s how it works: you decide the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT GOALS for the spell on your end then I cast the spell on my end. Once it’s complete, you get my instructions (very simple) and complete it on your end (to add your energy to the working). Then you sit back and watch the FINANCIAL WINDFALL manifest in your life!’ Because this spell is tailored to your particular needs (and at a super introductory price too) you can get the spell working on a number of levels to FIX your financial condition once and for all!



Return to Me Spell

This new spell is perfectly tailored to bring back an old flame or past love from your life that you still desire and have feelings for. It’s a more directed Hoodoo spell than any others I offer for returning a lover and I recommend it for the following situations:

– if you have a long-term lover that you haven’t seen in over three months this is the spell to use to rekindle that romance

– if you desire to reconnect with a lover from your past – even if it has been years – this is the perfect spell to do that

– if the lover you desire is on poor terms with you currently but you know there is still love there – this spell will work for you

– if your lover stopped communicating with you for any reason – this will open the lines of communication once again

if your lover has disappeared and you want to find them or re-connect, this is the spell to use

– if you want to be with someone and you need more information about them this spell will bring you that opportunity

This is a neutral spell so works perfectly for every faith. It can be used with any white or dark magick spells that you may already have working.