Open Path to Love Spell


Use this spell to get the most complicated relationships under control. There are many ways you can use this spell to stop destructive behaviors in a relationship and foster good and positive feelings of love. This spell makes things change when you thought all hope was lost for your love relationship.

I know this is the right spell for the following concerns:

  • for LOVE TRIANGLES (you, him, his wife (or girlfriend))
  • for INFIDELITY (he cheats and you want him to stop)
  • for A CLEAN SLATE (you are back together and need smooth sailing)
  • for RECONCILIATION (you want to get back together)
  • for what you might say IT’S COMPLICATED  (tell me, I can help!)



Making Mojo Spell

This is a new spell, voodoo for PASSION & DESIRE. If you want to spark sexy good times with someone you like – this is the spell. It will get your mojo goin’ with whomever You want. This spell will get him/her to notice you, want you, desire love, fall for you in exactly the way you want.

This is a super high-energy spell and works for everyone – guy/girl,  guy/guy,  girl/girl. Make your MOJO happen!




Cupid’s Arrow Spell

The spell CUPID’S ARROW is about love blossoming in a long-term fashion. Once the LOVE HUNTER has hit its mark, CUPID’S ARROW makes sure that love is here to stay.

It can be used with the LOVE HUNTER SPELL or after any of my love spells. This spell is for LONG-TERM LOVE & COMMITMENT. How this will take shape for you is up to the Goddess & the Universe.

This is what this spell is about – making love last for a lifetime.



Love Hunter Spell

This is a REAL LOVE SPELL and must be considered as such. You must be absolutely certain this person is the one you want and desire because once the spell is cast there is no going back. It will begin to take shape on its own and thus there is no way to track how it will manifest in your life but you will know it because the love will be there, the person you  desire will be there and you can begin to build he relationship of your dreams.


Big Love White Magick Spell

Here is what you can use this spell for:

  • To start a romance – take it from nothing to something!
  • To move a romance from friendship to much more – big love!
  • To reignite passion in a relationship that is lacking or on the wane.
  • To create urgency in a relationship if it seems stagnant – kick it up a notch!
  • Looking for him to “man-up” and make a commitment? Here is the spell to do that.
  • Looking for her to choose you over another – this will do it.
  • Use this spell as a booster for any love spells you already have working – watch love spells manifest faster and stronger.
  • This spell can be used with any magick since it is white magick, it conflicts with no workings and there are no possible repercussions or negative karma possible.
  • Suitable for all faiths, this spell works for everyone.
  • This spell can be used in conjunction with my Angel spells and Lover Returning Spells as a booster.



Dark Arts Love Spell

 Black Magick spells take anywhere from 1-120 days to manifest results.

This spell is meant for the most stubborn love cases there are – you can use this spell for the following situations:

– to break-up a relationship that is particularly complicated (a marriage that has died on the vine, a marriage of convenience, relationships that are suffocating a person you desire and care about etc.)

– to return a lover who seems so far gone you might not even be communicating

– to ignite passion when you’ve given up hope of ever doing so

– to revive a relationship that used to be good but isn’t anymore

– to draw a love to you that seems far out of reach for complicated reasons

– to turn a friend into a lover

– to turn a casual relationship into a committed relationship.


Last Resort Love Spell

This spell is the spell to use when all other spells have failed. I cannot tell you what school of magick this spell comes from or how it works. You will be called upon to perform several actions that have to do with the spell and this spell needs your focused belief more than any spell I cast. You must be so completely focused on your goal and your love that there is no room for doubt. You must believe in magick implicitly for this spell to work. This will be your final love spell, in your heart you must know this. It will give you a definitive answer one way or another and you must be willing to accept whatever the result is. It can only be cast AFTER you have exhausted every possibility.
Because of the complicated nature of this spell I can only accept 2 clients per month.


Beacon of Love Spell

The BEACON OF LOVE spell concentrates an amazing barrage of love toward one particular target. This is non-manipulative white magick and yet it is the first white magick love spell I have worked with that is made to focus entirely on one specific person (your beloved).

Yet this spell offers those same results but in a way that will not cause karmic conflict or potential harm for either you or your desired one. If anything this spell will HELP your karma because of the blinding beauty and love.

There are no potential dangers or possible harmful karmic consequences with this spell. It is pure and divinely inspired. This spell can be used for anyone by anyone. If you think about it and say to yourself, “All I want to do is love this person.”; then you need this spell.



Magnetic Attraction Spell

This spell is the  spell you want when you KNOW that love is possible between two people but for some reason it is just not happening or connecting! This spell will make you a MAGNETIC and COMPELLING person, so the one you want will be attracted to you in a way they never have before. The spell is cast on YOU, not your lover-to-be, so there are no worries about influencing any free will or touching on anything manipulative. Unless you consider it manipulative to be a SUPER ATTRACTIVE to the one you desire! This spell is unlike anything I have offered before and takes a full five days to be cast. Once it is complete, the MAGNETISM will bounce off of you like you never imagined. You WILL be more attractive, MORE self-assured, MORE compelling and more focused on getting the love you desire. This spell also works for general attraction – if you need people to be attracted to you for any reason at all this spell will do it!

WARNING:  Be absolutely CERTAIN that you are willing to let the magick weave its spell around you. There is no going back once this spell is cast, and I am not responsible for what happens! If your beloved constantly calls you, won’t let you out of their sight or if you find yourself with TOO MANY admirers, you will have to be able to handle this. Also this spell is cast on YOU not the one you desire so there is no chance of any negative karma. However once this person is attracted to you be very careful that you use your magnetic attraction wisely!