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This is a fast-acting spell intended to completely change your mind. Obviously you have to WANT to do this and ultimately it is up to you as to how successful the spell will be ultimately. But if you are truly looking to change aspects of your life – this spell can accomplish it perfectly.

You will be surprised what this spell can do for you – use it to change your mind about a relationship (get over a past love or bad break-up), use it to change your mind about any situations that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in any way. This spell is like a do-over, a clean slate. There are many ways you can use this spell to completely change your life.

All you need to do is tell me the absolute one thing that you need to change about yourself, your life, your career, your relationships etc. it must be YOU that needs the change – you cannot use this spell to change someone else’s mind. this spell only works directly on you. You will need to be open to what the spell will do to you as far as changing your mind and you must be completely willing to follow the directions that are part of the spell (they are not complicated but you must do them as instructed for the spell to manifest).

This is a much more intensive spell than my Reality Shift Spell, since this is specific and made to change something drastically – your life!



Health & Well-Being Spell

This spell is for increased positive health and well-being.   This spell is also good for giving your positive outlook a shine and that helps attract health & well-being. There is also a little bonus boost to help keep you calm and free of anxiety. Use this spell to help your general health, especially concerns regarding your mental health and emotions. This spell is not intended for use instead of medical help but can be used with traditional and non-traditional healing methods.

Over-all this is a great spell if you want to focus generally on all both things but it can also be used to just focus on one specific element too.



Precipitate Action Spell

PRECIPITATE is an action spell – use this to influence someone, use it to solve issues that you are having dealing with people, dealing with family, a lover or partner. There are numbers of ways this spell can be used. You will create a petition that will be used in your end of the spell that spells out your most important desires and goals and PRECIPITATE will make them reality. This is a new Hoodoo Spell that I cast completely on my end and send a sigil used in the spell to you once it is complete. Discuss with me through email what you think your needs for this spell are. It is one of the most flexible spells I offer and can used for issues of love, money, sex, career/job, judicial issues, divorce, marriage etc. Email me!




Influence Spell

I was recently helping a client with a special situation where she needed to influence an important decision. I realized that there may be others out there who could benefit from such a spell. It is reasonably priced and really works fantastically well – it is one of those spells that I have always had in my custom arsenal but one that I never offered before publicly. This spell can be used to influence someone to make a certain decision, it can be used to influence a situation to turn to your favor. There are so many ways this spell can be used. It can used also to add power to another spell such as a love spell or money or career spell. Just email me to discuss the possibilities!



Health, Beauty & Well-Being Spell

This spell is for increased positive health and well-being and has an additional beauty component too.  It intensifies your aura and has an attraction component which will make you appear more appealing to those around you. This spell is also good for giving your positive outlook a shine and that helps attract health & well-being. There is also a little bonus boost to wealth & prosperity. That’s in there too and will really help any spells you have already working on prosperity and abundance. There is a boost to specific beauty issues if you let me know what they are before-hand. Over-all this is a great spell if you want to focus generally on all three things but it can also be used to just focus on one specific element too.


$150.00 (sale price is now $50 off!)

Voodoo Garde Protection Spell

This powerful Voodoo spell is technically a neutral or grey magick spell. This spell uses a handwritten and drawn sigil, created in a Voodoo ritual, that you keep in your home for protection from: Evil Spirits & Entities, Negative Thought-Forms, outside negative influences and to guard against sickness (especially for children and older adults), poverty and sadness. I have never offered this GARDE before to clients as it is quite time intensive for me to create.

WARNING: This spell contains POWERFUL Voodoo magicks which are not to be trifled with. The GARDE words should never be spoken aloud, plus the sigil must be kept in a safe place and not handled. Never discuss the GARDE or the symbols on it. Never speak of the magick it produces. Never allow anyone who is not a member of the immediate family to view the GARDE or touch it.



Voodoo Eliminate A Rival Spell

Is there someone who is impeding your relationship with your desired mate? Is there someone trying to get something you have – your money, your job, your lover or someone trying to worm their way into the lives of those you care about, that you don’t trust and would like to send them packing? This Voodoo spell is for you! This spell uses specific proven Voodoo gray magick to help remove this person from any sphere of influence. It is beyond a binding spell and similar to a banishing, but calls on the power of Vooodoo Lwa’s (Gods) to get this particular person on their way. There is always a risk with Voodoo spells so use only if you are absolutely sure there is NO OTHER WAY TO GET RID OF THIS PERSON! The person will NOT be harmed. But they WILL BE ELIMINATED!


Reality Shift Spell

If you purchase ONE spell from me this year – you owe it to yourself to purchase this one. This spell will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This is a new ritual technique that I was taught and have personally experienced unprecedented results in my personal life. This needs some of your participation, so this spell may not be right for some of you but if you are willing to put in a couple of minutes every now and then to reinforce your REALITY SHIFT, you too can experience results the likes of which I have found utterly ASTONISHING! The spell is in two parts, the part that I do to get you started at moving your concentrated and focused energy toward changing your reality and then the reinforcement that you will do whenever you feel it is needed to keep things going your way.

This tried and true practice has more to do with Quantum Psychics than the supernatural but there is an inexplicable power related to it that is currently baffling scientists. They have been investigating how people are able to within days of this procedure, have opened their world into a completely different reality.

This spell can shift your conscious (and unconscious) reality into any direction you desire. You are the architect of your reality, I just get you pointed in the right direction and give you the landmarks you need to follow the path.

This spell works on many VERY SPECIFIC shifts in reality but here are a few suggestions:

You can shift your reality into a different job or career.

You shift your reality into a different relationship.

You can shift your reality into a different state of mind (get rid of obstacles holding you back).

You can shift your reality into higher forms of prosperity and abundance.

You can shift your reality into getting the material possession (a home, a car etc.) that you desire.

You can shift your reality into having a closer bond with family and friends.

You can shift your reality into being much more successful in your current job and career.

You can also shift the reality of ANOTHER PERSON without influencing their FREE WILL!

Furthermore this spell can be used very successfully with my other spells (except BLACK MAGICK), so if you are looking for the MOST power possible adding this spell to a spell that you have already had cast or are thinking of having cast can make an enormous difference.

Results are nearly instant for most who diligently follow the exact directions. You may see results within 48 hours depending on what you are shifting towards.




Dark Deeds Spell

WARNING: Proceed at your own risk!

You will be asked to use much more of your will in this spell than a White or Gray magick spell. In those spells the spellcaster puts forth most of the energy. In Black Magick YOU will be supplying the energy. Be absolutely CERTAIN this is what you want and that half-way through, you don’t second-guess yourself and leave a Black Magick spell adrift. I CANNOT be held responsible for how you choose to use this spell. I cannot help you if something goes wrong. I cannot change the results once the spell has taken hold. If your reasons are genuine for this kind of magick, then things will probably work out just fine. As with any non-white magick, there is always a risk. Please only consider Black Magick as an absolute LAST RESORT. Black Magick spells take anywhere from 1-120 days to manifest results.

This spell is non-Halloween version, since that can only be cast once per year. This is the darker side of all spells I do and is used for purposes that only you will know and determine. I do not want to know what you need this spell for or what your intention is. I will create it and consecrate it for you and then it is up to you to carry out the instructions. Be warned – I am not responsible for your intention and desire and how this spell manifests!

This spell can be used for anything:

To break-up a relationship
To curse someone
To get revenge
To influence someone to do what you want

and many other things that I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!

Be absolutely certain you want to go forward with this spell. I will only take one client per moon phase for this particular spell.