About Morrigane

My name is Morrigane. I am a REAL witch. By REAL, that means I am not a psychic who casts spells. I am not just a “witch on the internet”; I am a witch in my daily life, practicing my craft as the art it is.

My witch name is for the Celtic Warrior Goddess The Morrigan.



My credentials include the following:

I am a Third Degree High Priestess in the Gardnerian Tradition. I was raised Christian and still consider myself a believer in Jesus Christ as a historical figure. My beliefs are very open-minded.

I am an Eclectic witch and practice MANY different mysteries including Voodoo, Hoodoo, Romany, Faery, Tibetan, Sino (Chinese), Druidry, Celtic, Norse, Stregheria (Italian), Egyptian, Folk Magick (Pow-Wow) and many others. I am always a student learning new mysteries.

I am Buddhist. This has been my religion since I took my Buddhist vows in 2001. I follow the Buddhist precepts. As a Buddhist,  I must remain honest in my business dealings as part of the Eightfold Path. It is called Right Livelihood and is very important to my Buddhist beliefs. I continue to study Buddhism as well as practice daily meditation and puja (prayers, offerings and chants).

My religious belief in witchcraft is part of an earth-based pagan belief system and I conduct spells, rituals and readings in accordance with my religious views.

I am an ordained Reverend. I also have a traditional B.A. in English and Theatre.

I have clients from 52 different countries; many whom have been my clients since I started on the internet in 2003. I answer all my own email and conduct every spell, ritual and reading personally. I handle every single aspect of the spell-work; from the initial consultation and point of contact, through correspondence, the spell casting, follow-up (if needed) and the upkeep and maintenance of this site. This is a one-witch show!

When you place an order with me, you will communicate ONLY with me. I am available through email at morrigane at mysticspells dot com and also on Facebook as Morrigane Raine and on twitter as mysticspells.You can also text me directly at 352-537-0000 and on What’s App.

There is no other witch on the internet who gives you full disclosure, so please consider this when looking at other so-called spellcasting sites.

Being a witch is not just my profession – it is my life.

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