About Morrigane

My name is Morrigane. I am a REAL witch. By REAL, that means I am not a psychic who casts spells. I am not just a “witch on the internet”; I am a witch in my daily life, practicing my craft as the art it is.

My witch name is for the Celtic Warrior Goddess The Morrigan.



You can read about my life on my blog  SPELLCASTING by Morrigane.

My credentials include the following:

I am a Third Degree High Priestess in the Gardnerian Tradition; though I no longer practice Wicca in the religious aspect.

I am an Eclectic witch and practice MANY different mysteries including Voodoo, Hoodoo, Romany, Faery, Tibetan, Sino (Chinese), Druidry, Celtic, Norse, Stregheria (Italian), Egyptian, Folk Magick (Pow-Wow) and many others. I am always a student learning new mysteries.

I am Buddhist. This has been my religion since I took my Buddhist vows in 2001. I follow the Buddhist precepts. As a Buddhist,  I must remain honest in my business dealings as part of the Eightfold Path. It is called Right Livelihood and is very important to my Buddhist beliefs. I continue to study Buddhism as well as practice daily meditation and puja (prayers, offerings and chants).

My religious belief in witchcraft is part of an earth-based pagan belief system and I conduct spells, rituals and readings in accordance with my religious views.

I am an ordained Reverend. I also have a traditional B.A. in English and Theatre.

I have clients from 52 different countries; many whom have been my clients since I started on the internet in 2003. I answer all my own email and conduct every spell, ritual and reading personally. I handle every single aspect of the spell-work; from the initial consultation and point of contact, through correspondence, the spell casting, follow-up (if needed) and the upkeep and maintenance of this site. This is a one-witch show!

When you place an order with me, you will communicate ONLY with me. I am available through email at morrigane at mysticspells dot com and also on Facebook as Morrigane Raine and on twitter as mysticspells.You can also text me directly at 352-537-0000 and on What’s App.

There is no other witch on the internet who gives you full disclosure, so please consider this when looking at other so-called spellcasting sites.

Being a witch is not just my profession – it is my life.

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