What to tell the Witch

Magick works wonders but when you are my client I need you to be as forthcoming as possible with me. You can certainly work with me by barely telling me much of anything about your situation however the more in tune with you that I become the more focused and more powerful my spellcasting will be. To that end I have come up with a list of things you need to tell me:

  1. I need your name, birthdate and a photo of you and of anyone else involved in the spell (if possible).
  2. Please tell me what you are looking for – often I ask clients to list their top 3 desires.
  3. Give me some background on the situation.
  4. Give me information about you – tell me about yourself, what you do, etc.
  5. Let’s address potential obstacles head on! Let me know what they could be.
  6. Make sure you read my FAQ and understand my policies and guarantee. You pay me for the spell I cast, not for results.
  7. Follow my instructions.
  8. Keep in contact with me if you desire.
  9. Stay positive and be OPEN.

As always if you have any questions please email me at morrigane@mysticspells.com

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