Color Magick: Pink Friendship Into Love Spell

I’ve been crafting new spells over the past couple of months focusing on using color magick. This first spell I’ll be offering is specific for turning a relationship between friends into a love relationship. It can also be used to intensify a relationship between two people that has not yet blossomed into love (sparking a friendship that can lead to something else or just to be friends).

When you purchase this spell we’ll work together on getting the kind of results you desire. I will cast the spell on my end and then send you instructions on what you need to do on your end for three nights in a row to make sure you’ve added the right energy to the working.

Dual-intention spells like this work really well. You get my expertise but also get to add your own focused will and intention right to the working.




  1. eric says:

    hey send me some spells

  2. magick believer says:

    Which is more powerful, the adam & eve love spell candle or the pink friendship into love spell candle?

  3. magick believer says:

    Lighting the pink candles at my end for 3 nights in a row, how long does each candle to burn per night? Is it one candle for one night?

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