Big Love White Magick Spell

Here is what you can use this spell for:

  • To start a romance – take it from nothing to something!
  • To move a romance from friendship to much more – big love!
  • To reignite passion in a relationship that is lacking or on the wane.
  • To create urgency in a relationship if it seems stagnant – kick it up a notch!
  • Looking for him to “man-up” and make a commitment? Here is the spell to do that.
  • Looking for her to choose you over another – this will do it.
  • Use this spell as a booster for any love spells you already have working – watch¬†love spells manifest faster and stronger.
  • This spell can be used with any magick since it is white magick, it conflicts with no workings and there are no possible repercussions or negative karma possible.
  • Suitable for all faiths, this spell works for everyone.
  • This spell can be used in conjunction with my Angel spells and Lover Returning Spells as a booster.