Influence Spell

I was recently helping a client with a special situation where she needed to influence an important decision. I realized that there may be others out there who could benefit from such a spell. It is reasonably priced and really works fantastically well – it is one of those spells that I have always had in my custom arsenal but one that I never offered before publicly. This spell can be used to influence someone to make a certain decision, it can be used to influence a situation to turn to your favor. There are so many ways this spell can be used. It can used also to add power to another spell such as a love spell or money or career spell. Just email me to discuss the possibilities!



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  1. Gl says:

    Anita, I try to email you on the ” email Anita” button but is not working for my computer. I wanna influence someone decision. Can u please gave me your email.. so we can discuss further.. Thanks my email is

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