Influence Spell

This spell can be used to influence someone to make a certain decision, it can be used to influence a situation to turn to your favor. There are so many ways this spell can be used. It can used also to add power to another spell such as a love spell or money or career spell. Just email me to discuss the possibilities!



Custom Spells

I will customize and create any spell to your specific needs. Just email me and tell me what your problem is and I will discuss your options. Some of the issues these custom spells address:

* Money/Prosperity * Career/Business * Family * Love – specialized issues * Sex * Marriage * Infidelity * Complex Break-Up issues * Court cases/Legal issues * Wellness/Health/Beauty/Fitness * Substance abuse issues (alcholism/drug addiction) * Harmony/Household issues * Friendship * Gay/Lesbian related issues















Health, Beauty & Well-Being Spell

This spell is for increased positive health and well-being and has an additional beauty component too.  It intensifies your aura and has an attraction component which will make you appear more appealing to those around you. This spell is also good for giving your positive outlook a shine and that helps attract health & well-being. There is also a little bonus boost to wealth & prosperity.



Break Them Up Spell

Black Magick spells take anywhere from 1-120 days to manifest results.

This is the spell to use when you have reached that place in yourself where you no longer can stand to see THEM together. You probably have a VERY GOOD reason to want to see them crash & burn (relationship-wise) and if you do (meaning you are the jilted party) then by all means USE THIS SPELL! I will cast the spell for you then you simply follow the easy instructions (which adds your energy) once I send them. The spell takes three days for me to complete.