Chinese Prosperity Spell

This incredible spell governs all facets of prosperity and abundance and is absolutely the single most powerful prosperity spell I cast. It focuses on eight discernible areas of prosperity and will change everything in your life in regards to how money works for you and how you work for your money. If you purchase only one prosperity spell this year, this is the ONE!



Last Resort Love Spell

This spell is the spell to use when all other spells have failed. I cannot tell you what school of magick this spell comes from or how it works. You will be called upon to perform several actions that have to do with the spell and this spell needs your focused belief more than any spell I cast. You must be so completely focused on your goal and your love that there is no room for doubt. You must believe in magick implicitly for this spell to work. This will be your final love spell, in your heart you must know this. It will give you a definitive answer one way or another and you must be willing to accept whatever the result is. It can only be cast AFTER you have exhausted every possibility.
Because of the complicated nature of this spell I can only accept 2 clients per month.


Beacon of Love Spell

The BEACON OF LOVE spell concentrates an amazing barrage of love toward one particular target. This is non-manipulative white magick and yet it is the first white magick love spell I have worked with that is made to focus entirely on one specific person (your beloved).

Yet this spell offers those same results but in a way that will not cause karmic conflict or potential harm for either you or your desired one. If anything this spell will HELP your karma because of the blinding beauty and love.

There are no potential dangers or possible harmful karmic consequences with this spell. It is pure and divinely inspired. This spell can be used for anyone by anyone. If you think about it and say to yourself, “All I want to do is love this person.”; then you need this spell.



Psychic Trance Spell

This is BETTER than just an ordinary psychic reading for while in my trance I will communicate with my spirit guides who will deliver the answers to your questions and help guide you in the right direction. Gain unprecedented insight to many of your issues and find the right things you need to know. If you have wondered about a person, a relationship, a job, the future – anything – this spell will help you to find answers to those questions.

After you purchase the spell, you must fill out a form that I will send you. Once I have that form returned to me, completed (it is not very complex), then I will conduct your spell. I ask for 24-48 hours following the receipt of the form you have returned to me by email.